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OCT 11—14 2017
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Friday, July 1, 2016 by FashioNXT Business Relations

Hello FashioNXT Patrons:


You will be glade to know, extraordinary fashion designers from all over the world have been confirming to show on this internationally publicized runway, to make it the biggest FashioNXT show yet attracting a highly desirable demography to Portland, the coolest US city, as raved in contemporary press. Being the highest profile fashion show to showcase fashion-technology, FashioNXT is attractive towearable tech brands and consumer-experience apps to reach early adopters and influencers.

Whether your company is seeking access to a high-disposable-income consumers, or experience-seeking early adopters, 2016 FashioNXT: The Shows is offering attractive engagement opportunities:

Fashion-Tech Exhibit: If your consumer-focused app is seeking new users, or your wearable-tech brand is seeking exposure from fashion influencers, get a booth at FashioNXT Plaza.  

Sponsorship: Whether it's a lifestyle brand, or an entity--- from real-estate to wealth-management, seeking brand access, FashioNXT show experience and reach is unparalleled to create that engagement through sponsorship of the shows, or patron-partnership with designer development programs. FashioNXT shows are ideal ffor client entertainment. 

See details about FashioNXT here>> www.fashionxt.net/media-decks


Contact us to explore rate-options at contacts@fashionxt.net 


Kind Regards,


FashioNXT Business Relations

www.fashionxt.net  @fashionxtonline 

To read more about how FashioNXT 2016 is shaping up read the feature in About Face Magazine (May/June) at>>www.fashionxt.net/media 

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