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OCT 11—14 2017
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FashioNXT Collaborates with Portland City Club: Fashion Industry Forum

Monday, April 21, 2014 by Tamara Alazri

How to Create Next Fashion Houses in Portland

On May 2, Friday from 12-1:15 PM at the Governor Hotel, now in Setinel (614 SW 11th) in downtown Portland.

The event is open to the public. Register here: www.pdxcityclub.com/calendar_day.asp?date=5/2/2014&event=149

Portland has an abundance of boutiques and designers; it is notable that Project Runway has spawned five local winners, more than any other city. The City Club of Portland’s Friday Forum will pursue solutions to the barriers in the creation of fashion houses, beyond athletic wear and Pendleton. It will focus on three aspects for creating a viable fashion industry that offers high paying jobs for designers in Portland, including: opportunities, barriers, and solutions.

 The fashion forum was developed with enduring the consultation of Tito Chowdhury and Lynn Frank, the owner and the creative advisor of Portland FashioNXT (www.fashionxt.net), the annual fashion show in October. Their long-term commitment to elevate the fashion industry in Portland put their endeavors in TIME Magazine and the Wall St Journal. 

A panel of important voices in fashion, investment, and economic development will discuss how Portland can solve this problem. Panelists include:

  • Project Runway star Becky Ross, and winner Seth Aaron will share their stories and challenges about making it in fashion. Sharon Blair will draw on her deep experience in the fashion industry infrastructure here as President of Portland Sewing.
  • Seth Friedermann of ManufactureNew York, Director of Design Relations, will discuss how New York City supports less known designers, and what Portland can learn from it.  ManufactureNY has received praise from the New York Times for keeping fashion designers and construction in the city, not overseas.
  • Mort Bishop, President of Pendleton will talk about their long-term success as a global fashion house with 151 years as a family business.
  • David Howitt, President of Meriwether Group, a prominent investment acceleration firm will discuss venture opportunities in the Portland fashion industry. He will introduce his book Heed Your Call about modern day entrepreneurs. He was featured on Good Morning America discussing the book.
  • Sheila Hamilton, the five time Emmy Award winning Radio host of KINK Radio will moderate the panel.

  Fashion designers will display their creations around the forum ballroom that day, including      David's  book.

         This is one not to be missed!

         Sonja Grove, contact: Sonja.grove@gmail.com

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