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OCT 11—14 2017
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Q&A With Wearable Tech Fashion Vision Winner Ridhi Paliwal

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 by FashioNXT

The FashioNXT Wearable Technology Fashion Competition merges fashion and technology, encouraging designers to make technology wearable in a way that stimulates the public's imagination. In 2016 FashioNXT divided the competition into two categories; product and vision.  Ridhi Paliwal of the India was the judges chosen winner for the Vison category with Acujacket, a jacket that administers acupressure  to address problems associated with posture and pain. FashioNXT is looking forward to learning more about Ridhi’s product, and plans for her vision through a wind of questions.

FashioNXT: Tell us about your winning design-

Ridhi:The  Acujacket is a vision towards using fashion in technology. The field of medical had never been in collaboration with Fashion. My vision is towards making a device which is having a great medical use, along with a fashionable design which the public can happily use.

 FashioNXT: What does it do?

Ridhi: The Acujacket has its origin from acupressure. The device is a way by which people can get relief from fatigue, pain in their neck and back. Which is done by the rubber pad fixed in the jacket back and sleeves which has acupressure bubbles which vibrate on activation. As this device is wearable hence the name Acujacket. The fact that it can be worn in the form of a jacket, it makes it easier for the users to get rid of the pain while driving, doing manual-long stretched work etc . Having something like on your body in the form of a jacket makes it easier for the users to accept it and be comfortable with it. As back and posture related problems are increasing at an alarming rate in the youth too there is definitely a need for a device like this.

FashioNXT: Describe your vision-

Ridhi: My vision is towards transforming this design into a reality. And making it available in Indian as well as US.

 FashioNXT: How did you find out about FashioNXT

Ridhi: I got to know about the competition through a website – Studentcompetition.com a part of sqore

 FashioNXT: How do you think FashioNXT could improve the competition?

Ridhi:The competition could be made better if more and more people know about it. In my opinion a little more public awareness through social media would increase the level even more.


FashioNXT: As you know making tech fashionable is the biggest challenge for wearables, how do you approach fashion in your design?

Ridhi:My main aim in this design is to collaborate fashion and technology. Jackets have always been in the favourite list of anyone’s wardrobe. Giving it a stylish, unique look would make this a perfect combinations of medical technology and Fashion.

 FashioNXT: What are the challenges you are facing to take your vision the next level?

Ridhi: The major challenge is to find the right guidance and company which can invest in this and with whom I can make this vision turn to reality. As I’m an armature designerand in the process of learning.

FashioNXT: Are you seeking investment to make the product?

Ridhi: I’ve been given a membership in the Oregon Entrepreneurship Network from FashioNXT. But haven’t got the chance to attend webinar because of which there aren’t any investors for now.

FashioNXT: What’s next for you?

Ridhi: As soon as I get mentorship support and financers for Acujacket.I would start working on its protocol and then completion.

 FashioNXT: Are you planning on competing in the product completion?

Ridhi: Yes.Definitely!

Applications for the 2017 FashioNXT Wearable Technology Fashion Competion are available now; it is a great opportunity for brand exposure and growing your business.

 Apply here if you’re interested:  www.fashionxt.net/wearable-tech


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