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Winner of 2019 UpNXT

Soap Stealer by Mingaile Simenaite

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Winner of 2018 UpNXT

O'FIELD by Maddie Iverson

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Winner of 2018 UpNXT and People's Choice

Ale O by Alejandra Oyervides

Emerging Designer Winner Minnie Opal Portland Fashion Week

Winner of 2017 UpNXT

Minnie Opal by Sundari Devi

Emerging Designer Peoples Winner Oscar Dominick l Portland Fashion WeekSlide thumbnail

Winner of 2017 People's Choice UpNXT

Oscar Dominick

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Winner of 2016 UpNXT


Winner of 2015 UpNXT

German Madrigal

Winner of 2014 UpNXT

Myriam Marcela

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Winner of 2013 UpNXT

Amy Sim

UpNXT is the leading and longest-running Emerging Designers Accelerator in the US attracting designers from all over the US and Canada. It’s an emerging designers competition where designers receive expert mentorship, an exciting runway show, and a great prize package for the winner. There will be two tracks of participation: Live Show Track, and Virtual Track, enabling designers to participate from anywhere in the world and benefit from all the mentorship and publicity of FashioNXT’s large network.

2023 UpNXT Finalists

By Oxana Ake


Studio Linq


House of Rose


2023 Judges

Ken Boddie

Anchor, KOIN TV/Channel 6

Seth Aaron

Designer- Los Angeles, CA

Project Runway & All-Stars Winner

Former Global Creative Director, Nike.
Professor. The University of the Arts, and Shanghai Design Institute

Program Application fee: $75 (Until May 1st)
(after May 1st: $100)
The fee ensures one of the limited spots in the audition with the judges to evaluate your line’s readiness to get enrolled into UpNXT Accelerator as a finalist. Even if you don’t get selected as a finalist, you get a 30-minute consultation session to help find other FashioNXT programs that can be a good fit for you based on the audition feedback, and a guest ticket to the UpNXT finale runway show — all designed to help charter the path to future-readiness.     


Accelerator Participation Fee (Mentorships and Runway Show Competition. Only for the Finalists):
$750 (for applications filed till May 1st)
$1250 (for applications filed after May 1st)

Fees are Non-refundable. For any reason, if the dates have to be rescheduled, the fees will be applicable to the programs taking place on the rescheduled date(s).    



UpNXT: How to Participate in LIVE and VIRTUAL Tracks

Designers start with an audition. Selected finalists will be offered mentorships and a fashion show competition.
For both the tracks, LIVE and Virtual, the Auditions and the Mentorship classes will be done online, the main difference is the presentation of the collection of the finalists:
LIVE: Finalist designers get to show on a live runway show at FashioNXT Week in Portland.
VIRTUAL: Finalist designers will show virtually. Offers the option for the designer not to have to travel to Portland for getting FashioNXT benefits

Designer Qualifications:

  1. Ready to Wear or Couture Apparel Collection Designers
  2. Accessories Designers (Jewelry, Handbag, Shoes)Annual Revenue Below $20,000
    In the business for less than three years.

Audition Requirements:

The designer is required to attend an online audition via video conferencing to a panel of judges on a date in early August 2024 (FashioNXT will communicate the exact date few days before the audition to those who turn in the application form). Space is limited, so it’s advised to apply ASAP. In the online audition, the designer will show the judges five samples from past collections, or work the designer has recently completed. Designers need to showcase the pieces on models and/or dress forms and be ready to answer questions about the pieces, their business, and other topics that the judges find relevant to qualify. The designer should be ready for the pieces to be photographed and presented to the public view.
Note, at this stage designer does NOT need to show a new or complete collection.

Finalists will be decided through a selection process that includes a panel of judges, and may include an opinion of an audience.|

Note: At this stage designer does NOT need to bring a new or complete collection.

Finalists Benefits & Requirements



Designers selected as finalists need to present a cohesive collection of 5 to 8 looks on the runway at FashioNXT Week in October. Apparel looks need to be head-to-toe. Accessories looks must clearly highlight the Accessories.
Apparel and Accessories collections will be shown in different segments for a clear distinction between the two categories. FashioNXT runway producer will guide the way the models will be presented on the runway to that designers and models must adhere.

See Details of UpNXT Runway Show Services>>
*Please Read as NO Additional Services can be added to UpNXT Runway Show 

The runway collection will be judged for collection quality & aesthetics, creativity/originality, and overall cohesiveness.

Marketability will be evaluated based on the website, look-book (of all the pieces be shown on the runway), and social media strategy that the designer must submit to FashioNXT 10 days before the show.

Designers may be given up to three runway styling challenges, and up to three design challenges. Once given designer must adhere to the challenges’ rules.

Attendees of the finalists’ runway show at FashioNXT Week vote for their fave designers.

Finalist Designers have the opportunity (At an Additional Price) to sell their designs at the FashioNXT Agency booth on All Three Nights of FashioNXT Week

Judges will decide on the UpNXT winner, to be announced after the show.

Information for Designers Who Need to Travel >>

* If a Live show can’t take place, the designer will automatically be rolled into Virtual Show Track


Designers selected as finalists need to present high quality and ready to publicize virtual content for a cohesive collection of 5 to 8 head-to-toe looks

  • One image for each of the looks (High-quality web-resolution image). 
  • A line sheet with the following information about each look: 
    • Retail price points for each of the items 
    • Materials used


The collection will be virtually rolled out during FashioNXT Week through FashioNXT Social Media, E-blasts, Exclusive page for designers in

They will be judged for collection quality & aesthetics, creativity/originality, and overall cohesiveness.

Marketability will be evaluated based on the website, look-book (of all the pieces be shown on the runway), and social media strategy of that designer.


Finalists’  show at FashioNXT Week vote for their fave designers.

Judges will decide on the UpNXT: Virtual winner, to be announced after the show through FashioNXT digital channels.


Mentorship by FashioNXT Incubator

Finalists of both Live and Virtual tracks receive Masterclass from FashioNXT Fashion Incubator. Industry experts will cover topics cover step by step from collection design all the way to sales in sessions, each is typically between one to two hours and offered online (and if possible with an in-person option):

  1. Create a Unique Design  – from Concept to Sample: by Matt Rhoades, former Global Design Director of Nike
  2. How to Design a Collection from an Inspiration: Myriam Marcela
  3. Using Fashion Show as a Marketing Tool: by Tito Chowdhury, FashioNXT Executive Producer
  4. How to Get Yourself Found as a Fashion Brand: by Bonnie Knight, Business Relations Manager, FashioNXT
  5. How to Build and Maintain Relationship with a Retail Store- Katie Becker
  6. E-Retail Strategy for a Fashion Brand: Casey Golden, Founder, Luxlock
  7. Sustainability in Fashion- Daniela Caine- Koryphae Clothing
  8. Costing analysis for production: Katy Schidmeyer

Winner's Prize Package


  • Show Publicity: Designer’s Portfolio at FashioNXT 365, the virtual presentation platform, with a complimentary membership fee for a year. The designer can showcase up to two collections in FashioNXT 365 till October 2023 at no cost. Promotions of the Portfolio through FashioNXT Social Media.  
  • Certificate of winning
  • 50% Discount to standard show entry fee if designer participates Live in 2023 FashioNXT Week

Business Mentorship:

  • One hour online consultation on taking the business to the next phase with FashioNXT CEO encompassing various aspects of the business resources — marketing, publicity, retail, making, etc.

Media & PR:

  • Exclusive feature in FashioNXT blog and 3 social media postings


  • Show Publicly: Complimentary Standard Designers Runway show (10 looks)  in the regular designer’s line-up at 2023 FashioNXT Week (date of the show decided by FashioNXT only)
  • Cash Prize: $500 for materials expense for 2023 FashioNXT Week’s collection
  • Certificate of winning

Media & PR:

  • Inside Fashion Design Offers Media Prize:
    • Telling the brand story thru video interview, podcast, and/or blog post
    • One year membership to Inside Fashion Design Connect
    • 8 Social media posts following show images they provide
    • Links to brand, website, social media, etc
    • Coverage of backstage at show  Or virtually do an interview and show the collection
  • Exclusive feature in FashioNXT blog and 3 social media postings
  • Exclusive Editorial Photoshoot with Photographer Tom Boheme

Please note, that prizes/benefits offered by third-party entities are included in good faith based on the expressed commitment of those third parties. FashioNXT can’t be held liable in the case of any third party’s inability or unwillingness to honor their commitments in part or in full, or their quality or relevance to the designer’s need.

UpNXT Partners

Diamonds by Passerini
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