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OCT 11—14 2017
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Runway Designers:

Michelle Lesniak: (Winner Of Project Runway, Portland)

Seth Aaron (Winner of Project Runway, and Allstar, Portland) 

Walter Collection  (Los Angeles)

Mondo Guerra (Winner of Project Runay Allstar, Season 1)

Viktor Luna (Project Runway Allstar, New York) 

Myriam Marcela  (UpNXT 2014 winner, Portland)

Wendy Ohlendorf  (UpNXT 2014 finalist, Portland)

Stephanie D Couture (Portland) 

Dream Dresses by PMN (Seattle)

Oscar Mendoza (Montreal) 

Devonation by Devon Yan (Seattle) 

Lenzanita (South Dakota) 

Age to Come, (Portland)

Kenzie Williams, (Project Runway - Thread Portland)

With Song   China 

Song Hong China

CC China
Up/NXT: The Emerging Designers Contest designers:

German Madrigal
Shea Wilcox
Varsha By Varsha Agrawal
BBD Designs


Presentation Show by emerging designer Kenzie Williams, Oct 8 

Lexus 2016

Mondo Guerra Oct 8-10th

Viktor Luna Oct 8-10th


Niche Quality Goods

Oscar Mendoza 

EJ Loewen Watch 

Francis Bitonti

Hana Designs Oct 8-9th

Abeja Design 

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